Moving Boxes

Our Moving Boxes are designed specially for relocation or removal, may it be Local or Overseas. We do sell only boxes for your preferred or personalised move.As we always suggest, planning is the most important first step. Complete a list of what you have so you can get an idea of the type and quantity of items that you need to move. You can purchase ready made moving kits that provide the right quantity of boxes and moving supplies for your move.

We have the following boxes:

  • Small Moving Boxes (42×42x38cm) – Standard boxes that are versatile. You can use these boxes to pack books, collectibles,CD’s, DVD’s and most of your other personal items.


  • Medium Moving Boxes (50×50x48cm) - We call this “Jack of all Trade” box. Medium sized moving boxes are all-purpose moving boxes that can be packed with heavy items, but can still be carried easily.


  •  Large Moving Boxes (68×48x58cm) – Large moving boxes are perfect for light goods such as bedding, drapes, towels and clothing .

Tailor made boxes:

  • Wardrobe Boxes (55×55x114cm) - Wardrobe box is the best time saver as they allow you to move your clothes directly from your closets right into the wardrobe box and prevent your clothes from being wrinkled or damaged during the move. When you arrive at your new home, you can easily remove the clothes from the wardrobe boxes and place them in your new closet.


  • Frame and Desktop PC boxes (measurement depends on the size)- These special boxes are made to store and ship large picture frames, mirrors and any large thin item and other desktop PC.


  • File/Document Boxes (40×40x60cm) – File boxes will hold legal and letter files and keep you organized. These boxes are ideal for all of your paperwork, important documents, manuals,. These boxes are ideal for office relocation.


Get all the moving boxes and supplies you need for you move, right here. Save big over traditional retail prices and have a guaranteed shipment and delivery date! Call us.